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M.Pähklemäe & Co Law Office

Fields of activity

  • Juridical counseling

  • Representing

  • Expertises

  • Civil Law

  • Criminal Law

  • Administrative Law

  • Succession Law

  • Obligation Law

  • Tax Law

  • Family Law

  • International Law

  • Bankruptcy Law and bankruptcy proceedings

  • Collection services and disputes

  • Company establishment and liquitation

  • Apartment associations and disputes related to it

  • Misdemeanours and criminal proceedings: defense and documents, including protection in domestic violence cases, child protection, sexual violence cases etc

  • Administrative law disputes, including contestation of state and municipality administrative acts and activities

  • Disputes about the ownership interest, including dissolution of co-ownership

  • Disputes related to Familiy Law, including primary legal protection, disputes relating to custody, restraining orders, action for support, divorce and joint property division etc

  • Legal aid and protection for pets

  • Trainings

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